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Inventing Abstraction, 1910—1925

Inventing Abstraction was an exhibition about the birth of abstraction and the theory that this radical new art form wasn’t a work of a single genius, but rather thought through a network of different artists who influenced each other to make that breakthrough. Together with the curatorial team and Columbia Business School, we developed this unprecedented network map that illustrated the social connections of over 80 different artists of that time. Behind these connections were interesting stories of road trips, fights, genius and rivalry. See more here

Print Regional Design Annual, 2013
IDPURE Magazine, March/April 2013

Project Information

Creative Direction: Julia Hoffmann
Art Direction: Ingrid Chou
Design: Sabine Dowek
Production: Claire Corey
Production Artists: Paulette Giguere, Tom Black
Video Editing: David Hart
Photography: Martin Seck