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Matisse: The Cut-Outs

Matisse: The Cut-Outs was one of the largest and most popular exhibitions at MoMA, which took place October 2014. One of the main premise for this exhibition was that Matisse’s cut-outs were in continuous movement, constantly being arranged and rearranged in the walls of his home in Vence, France. This led us to create a comprehensive and flexible identity design system, also in shifting configurations, as it was applied through an array of different mediums, ranging from the title wall to retail products. The bold blue, a strong color often used by Matisse, helped unify the large collection of distinct design materials and become an immediate recognizer for the exhibition.

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Project Information

Creative Direction: Mike Abbink, Ingrid Chou
Lead Design: Sabine Dowek
Product Production: Cathy Citarella
Production Artists: Paulette Giguere, Tom Black
Animation: Calvin Waterman
Soundtrack: Curtis Macdonald
Photography: Martin Seck